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Here at Elite Aquatics of Northwest Florida, we pride ourselves in taking the best possibly care of our livestock. We started our shop here in Fort Walton Beach, Florida in Nov. 2014. The main purpose was to provide locals with a store that carried bright, colorful, and healthy corals. Our emphasis was on the intermediate to advanced aquarist, and being able to offer them corals that they would typically only see online. After only a couple short years we have grown and are now offering our corals to the continental U.S. And now, with the launch of our new online store, we are hoping to provide these corals to a larger audience! We can’t wait to meet you.

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9 Elite Aquatics Benefits

We specialize in saltwater aquarium setups, breakdowns, relocations and full service maintenance.
  • Highest quality premium salt
  • MAC certified fish collection
  • Premium Fish Feed
  • All healthy corals
  • 1200+ gallons of reef systems
  • All-natural aquacultures
  • State certified facility
  • Resell used equipment
  • Outstanding customer service
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Did you know starfish have eyes? They have one on the end of each of their arms.

Mouth & Stomach

Mouth & Stomach

When they capture prey, they have tiny suction cups to grab ahold of their food. Then their stomach exits their mouth to digest the food, and reenters the body when they’re done eating.

Nervous & Sensory System

Nervous & Sensory System

Starfish use filtered sea water to pump nutrients through their nervous system.
Starfish Facts:
  • They have no brain or blood
  • They can weigh up to 11 pounds
  • They usually live 35 years
  • There are over 2000 species
  • They can regenerate
  • They usually have 5 arms
  • They eat inside out – learn more
Did you know?

Despite their friendly appearance, starfish are aggressive hunters of clams and oysters!

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